"The Master Secrets of Real
Crystal Gazing"

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Do You Want the Power to See into Your Future?

The Power to see what will happen in your life?

The Power to see what will happen in your love one life?

The Power to see if your life will be filled with happiness or sadness?

The Power to see what the winning lucky numbers will be?

If you wish to have such powers, then this book can help you to developed your hidden Psychic Powers. Real Psychic powers that can help you to look into your future or anyone future to help or stop them from success and happiness.

For many years, many people have sought these special powers to see into their
future and the future of others for personal power and material gain. 

If you would like to have the awesome powers of looking into the future to discover your future or to unlock your personal power for money, love and happiness then this book can help you attain your goals.

This book is based on the real inside secrets of Foretelling the Future by one of the world’s most famous crystal gazer, Madam Fortunius.

She has successfully predicted the death and births of many famous people and even her close followers became very rich and wealthy on winning millions of dollars in their chosen lottery.

After years of many demands from my personal clients and students, this long awaited and hard to find book is now ready to be read and use by those serious people who want the real inside powers to help them see into their future.

Here is just what you will learn how to do from this wonderful book


LESSON I—History of crystal gazing—various secret methods employed—Worldwide use if the crystal.

LESSON II—Power of  Concentration --how to concentrate —Examples for Psychic development —The crystal as an aid—Success thru Concentration.

LESSON III—Visualization---Value of imagination—Examples for development—How the crystal aids—Explanation of the five general classes of visions produced by crystal gazing—Visions defined.

LESSON IV—How to Crystal Gaze—Past, Present and Future—The Crystal—How results may be obtained with a glass of water —How to develop—Exercises for development—To know if you possess the ability—Clouding and on-coming visions—How to avoid fatigue—Projection of visions in the crystal—Mental telepathy explained—How to do it—the passive state—Development of clairvoyant powers—How to know the future.

LESSON V — Silent influence thru the crystal—What it means—the attraction of the crystal—Other uses—Psychic  and mental development—Other benefits—Lack of Concentration —Creation of constructive thoughts and their influence—Faith—The Creed for the attainment all desires—Self-confidence and inspiration—Memory development—Examples—Relation  to the subconscious mind—How to find lost  articles—Nervousness overcome—Will power strengthened—How to analyze yourself—Your true self—How to help others—Success and happiness.

LESSON VI—The Million Dollar Master Secret of Attainment of all  your secret Desires—Desire and Its relation to success—How Astrology    Is the path—Mental Influence—How to cause others to do your secret bidding—How to get what you want in life now. The real untold secret of success revealed—How to attain your desires—The true secrets of real achievement—How to manifest Your desires using  crystal—The Secret powers of The Great Mind.

LESSON VII—Supplementary Lesson—Complete revelation of the true Hinds method of making persons at a distance think of YOU and to cause them to love you.




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